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Official Transcript

Receive an Official Transcript from the University of the Pacific|Benerd College


Advance on the Salary Scale & Earn Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits from Courses4Teachers Inc.|University of the Pacific


For every 15 hours of participation in educational trainings, you qualify for 1 unit/credit

The process is simple

Step 1. Register

Have you recently completed a workshop, conference, training, seminar, or traveled for educational advancement? Find your educational company below to register.

Step 2. Keep a log (if applicable)

Keep a log
and samples/notes of the activities you do after school. Any curriculum development, reading, and/or research that enhances your knowledge, curriculum, skills, and/or classroom environment qualifies.

If the client we partner with requires a log, use log guide below.

Step 3. Attach your Certificate of Completion and log (if applicable)