Information about Grades and Transcripts

After being graded, you will receive an email from our Danville Office stating that we have started the grading process. The attached letter will specify course number, grade, and amount you paid. 
Our email:

Some school districts accept this email notice from our Danville Office that your grade is being processed for instant credit. Most school districts, however, require an Unofficial or Official Transcript that comes directly from the University of the Pacific Registrar.

Transcript Information:
It is imperative that you wait to receive the Unofficial Transcript from the main campus before putting in a request for an Official Transcript, as this is proof your grade(s) have been posted. When you put in a request online make sure you check the box that reads “AFTER GRADES ARE POSTED.” Otherwise you will receive a transcript that merely reads “Grade in Progress.” 
PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to have your Official Transcript mailed Overnight, FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box and you need to order by 10:00 AM PST to receive the transcript next day.

Explanation: Your grades go through many channels before they are posted with the Registrar. Typically you will receive an Unofficial Transcript in 6-8 weeks along with an Official Transcript request form. If you do not receive your Unofficial Transcript from the Registrar 8 weeks after being graded with Courses4Teachers, please notify our office.

You may request an Official Transcript one of two ways:

Option 1: 
You may request an Official Transcript over the Internet. Go to the website of the registrar’s office: and choose the National Student Clearinghouse option which is under the heading Former Students. This is an instant way to request transcripts online. You must pay with a credit card and there is a $2 charge for using this service. Transcripts cannot be requested by email, through fax, or over the phone. And don’t forget to write your P EDU numbers very clearly so that they know you are requesting a transcript for professional development classes and make sure to include ALL CLASSES you wish to appear so it is not sent before it is complete. When requesting online, please write your classes in the fields marked “Degree/Certificate Title.” You can write more than one class on a line if you have more than 4 classes.

Also, on the second page under the heading Delivery Options (Step 7 below), choose the Processing Option “After Grades Are Posted.”  If you do not, your transcript could be sent without important information and you will have to re-order/re-pay.

Step-by-Step instructions on how to request an Official Transcript online (this is the quickest option): 

  • Go to the website of the registrar’s office:
  • Under “Former Students” Click on the National Student Clearinghouse link at the top. Please read the section in red that states “Professional Development Students” for information that you will need later.
  • Click “Start” at the bottom of the screen. This will bring you to “Transcript Ordering Center.”
  • ENTER PERSONAL INFORMATION: Fill out the form and required social security number, as that is your ID #.  – Click “Next”
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Click “No” where it asks, “Are you currently enrolled”. Enter approximate years of attendance. Click “Next”
  • SELECT RECIPIENT: We recommend that you have this sent to “ME” in both places, and not the district. This allows you to preview it and to hand carry it to your district office. – Click “Next”
  • ENTER RECIPIENT DETAIL: Select delivery method of your choice. Regular delivery is $7. You will have a choice to mail “Overnight FedEx” for $27 (NOTE: When ordering an Overnight Transcript, FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box and must be ordered by 10:00 am to receive it Next Day). Rush delivery is $17 (We do not recommend this option -Transcript will still be mailed US Mail). For Overnight orders begin by checking the Standard Processing mailing option and then pull down the delivery method and choose Overnight. At the bottom under processing timeframe choose “After Grades are Posted” otherwise you will receive a transcript saying “Grade in Progress.” 
    (Only if you will not be registering for any other courses soon. If you do, your transcript will wait for those courses to post as well.) – Click “Next” 
  • Complete form. Please write your course numbers only in the field marked “Special Instructions.” You can write more than one course on a line if you have more than four courses. If you do not write down all courses needed, your transcript could be sent without important information and you will have to re-order/re-pay. – Click “Next”
  • REVIEW YOUR RECIPIENTS: and – Click “Check Out”
  • REVIEW YOUR ORDER: Fill out payment information 

Option 2: 
You may download the transcript request form and route it to the Registrar’s Office with a check as payment (go to to get information about Requesting Transcripts).
NOTE: The Registrar must hold the processing of your transcript until your check has cleared. So, this process takes longer than the online option with the credit card payment.

It is imperative that you write your P EDU course numbers on the form very clearly so that the University knows to include ALL COURSES you wish to appear on the transcript. We suggest you use your social security number as your Student ID.