Credits for Teacher Induction

Only $50 Per

No extra fees

Graduate-Level Units/Credits

Earn units/credits for your completion of teacher induction, or time as a mentor/coach, each academic year

Official Transcript

Receive an Official Transcript from the University of the Pacific|Benerd College


Beginning and experienced participants in teacher induction (formerly BTSA)

Earn graduate-level professional development semester units/credits for your completion of teacher induction training from partnering districts and offices of education across the United States.

You may receive graduate-level professional development units/credits from the University of the Pacific for the work you have completed this academic year in teacher induction! With permission from your school district, we may also grant credit for teacher induction work from previous academic years. This applies to both new teachers who have completed teacher induction and to teacher induction mentors, coaches or support providers.

Districts differ in number of unit/credits they accept for teacher induction. Please check with your school district before registering.


 If you do not see your induction program listed, please contact us.


Registration information:

No extra work is needed. Simply complete the registration form and payment. A confirmation of registration will be emailed to you. 



Grades and transcripts:

You will receive a grade of “Pass” for your teacher induction participation. Once a grade is posted you will receive a “Good News” email. You will receive an Unofficial Transcript in the mail, directly from the University of the Pacific. 

For more Official Transcript information click here.



About these credits:

These University of the Pacific graduate-level professional development semester units/credits are designed for salary advancement and to renew credentials. They are not designed to be applied towards the attainment of an advanced degree with the University of the Pacific. The University of the Pacific is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. These courses are accepted by districts throughout the United States. Courses4Teachers|University of the Pacific takes great pride in the quality of education and service. We are dedicated to helping teachers earn credit for all the extra work they do.