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Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits

Official Transcript

Receive an Official Transcript from the University of the Pacific|Benerd College


Advance on the Salary Scale with Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits from Courses4Teachers|University of the Pacific

Earn credit for the professional work you have done during non-contract hours.
For every 15 hours of work, you qualify for 1 graduate-level professional development credit!


You may register for as many courses as you would like!
1 unit/credit = 15 hours, $99
2 units/credits = 30 hours, $198
3 units/credits = 45 hours, $297
4 units/credits = 60 hours, $396


All of the following activities count, and more…

  • Webinars, Workshops, Training, and Conferences Through an Educational Company
  • Researching Strategies for Effective In-Class and Distance Teaching
  • Developing Motivational Lesson Plans/Curriculum
  • Working on Common Core
  • Educational Travel
  • Reading/Researching
  • Creating Rubrics
  • Developing Curriculum
  • Revising/Enhancing Lessons
  • Adding Technology into Curriculum
  • Aligning Curriculum to Standards

The process is simple – just 3 steps:

Step 1. Register

Register for the number of semester units/credits you’d like.

Step 2. Keep a Log

Keep a log and samples or notes of the activities you do after school. Any curriculum development, reading, and/or research that enhances your knowledge, curriculum, skills, and/or classroom environment qualifies.
Looking for a comprehensive explanation and template for keeping a log?

Step 3. Submit Your Coursework

Schedule an appointment with a Grader, or email your coursework into our office. Meet with a Grader near you in person or contact a Grader anywhere and meet via FaceTime, Zoom, etc.