Social Success in Schools

Earn Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits for your participation in a Social Success in Schools Training

Before you register you must have received your Certificate of Completion from
Social Success in Schools

Step 1

Get to Know the Policies of your School District

It is your responsibility to know your district’s policies regarding transcript requirements and deadline dates.

Information to provide your district should you need prior approval:

  1. The University of the Pacific is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
  2. The credits we provide are graduate-level professional development semester units/credits.
  3. The course title and course number you have selected.

Step 2


Register for the number of units based on the Social Success in Schools training you have completed:

Social Emotional Learning: Awareness Into Action:
This training requires 45 hours. You may register for 3 units.

Adult SEL-Strengthen Your 5 Core Competencies:
This training requires 45 hours. You may register for 3 units.

Implementing Transformative SEL:
This training requires 45 hours. You may register for 3 units.

To register:

  1. Complete registration form and payment.
  2. Attach your Certificate of Completion from the Social Success in Schools program you have completed. Your certificate is valid for 12 months.

Course NumberCourseTuition Fee Per UnitEnrollment Date
PEDU 9279 Incorporating Mindful Education into Curriculum $99 Year Round
PEDU 9198 Kinesthetic And Creative Teaching Techniques For Effective Classroom Management $99 Year Round
PEDU 9083 Developing Effective Teacher Language and Motivational Engagement Strategies $99 Year Round
PEDU 9053 Teaching to Different Personality Types and Learning Styles $99 Year Round
PEDU 9069 Classroom Management, Strategies that Work $99 Year Round
PEDU 9044 Strategies to Help Children With Learning Challenges $99 Year Round
PEDU 9052 Understanding and Supporting Children with Special Needs  $99 Year Round
PEDU 9047 Effective Teaching Strategies and Motivational Lesson Plans $99 Year Round
PEDU 9040 Safe and Respectful Learning Environments $99 Year Round
EDUP 9181 Creating A Classroom of Equity and Belonging $99 Year Round
EDUP 9188 Promoting Social Emotional Learning and Growth $99 Year Round
EDUP 9189 Social Emotional Learning Practices $99 Year Round
EDUP 9191 Equity Teaching, Strategies and Curriculum $99 Year Round
EDUP 9355 Effective Teacher Leadership Skills $99 Year Round

Helpful Information

To view information on credits, grading process, log guide, and transcripts, please see our FAQ page.

Earn additional units/credits with
our Self-Designed Courses 

For every 15 hours of reading, research, and curriculum development work you are already doing, you may earn 1 graduate-level professional development semester unit/credit.