California Kindergarten Conference

Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits related to the California Kindergarten Conference

A very simple registration process to follow:
You may earn 3 graduate-level units/credits for 45 hours of professional development work you do related to the California Kindergarten Conference.
Note: These graduate-level professional development semester units/credits are designed as professional development for salary advancement and to renew credentials. These units/credits are not designed towards attainment of an advanced degree.

The cost is $200 for 3 graduate-level professional development semester units/credits (regularly $297)!

To be awarded these units/credits, you will need to do the following:

  1. Be prepared to submit, with your registration for credit, a log of 25 hours of reading, research and/or curriculum development work you have done prior to or after the conference.
  2. Please use this link  Registration Form  to register for credit with Courses4Teachers Inc./University of the Pacific. (Please disregard the $99 fee per unit. We will be crossing off the $99 before sending it to the University). Fill out the form (Your tuition submitted will be $200, units will be 3), print it and bring it with you.
  3. On your log of extra hours of work, your participation at the California Kindergarten Conference will award you 20 hours (this will be the first entry on your log – see sample log below). In addition you will need to log 25 hours of reading, research & curriculum development you have completed prior to or after the conference. You may not count prep work

NOTE: It is your responsibility to know your own district’s policies regarding dates you must submit grade reports for salary advancement and regarding their policy in accepting grade reports versus formal transcripts. Please contact your personnel department for information.

Please note: It typically takes 6 – 8 weeks to obtain an Unofficial Transcript from the Registrar, so please keep this time frame in mind when registering.

Should you need prior approval for courses with your District, listed below are all the courses available for 3 graduate-level professional development semester credits at a cost of $200:
These course titles are available for 3 graduate-level professional development semester units/credits:

ECE Course Numbers and Titles (Specifically for Early Childhood Education Teachers):
P ECE 9000 – Teaching Foundational Reading Skills to ECE Students
P ECE 9001 – Teaching Foundational Math Skills to ECE Students
P ECE 9002 – Supporting English Language Development in the ECE Classroom
P ECE 9003 – Assessment of ECE Goals and Lesson Plan Effectiveness
P ECE 9004 – Understanding Developmental Stages of Early Childhood
P ECE 9005 – Promoting Social Emotional Growth in ECE Students
P ECE 9006 – Teaching to Diversified Developmental Levels, Personality Types & Learning Styles in the ECE Classroom
P ECE 9007 – Teaching Language and Literacy to ECE Students

Course Numbers and Titles for Educators of all grade levels:
P EDU 9015 – Adding New Ideas to your Curriculum
P EDU 9034 – Developing Effective Curriculum
P EDU 9040 – Safe and Respectful Learning Environments
P EDU 9044 – Strategies to Help Children with Learning Challenges
P EDU 9046 – Introducing More Literature into your Reading Program
P EDU 9049 – Strategies for Differentiated Instruction
P EDU 9051 – Focusing on Objectives for Teaching Reading
P EDU 9052 – Understanding and Supporting Children With Special Needs
P EDU 9055 – Focusing on Objectives for Teaching Writing Skills
P EDU 9060 – Evaluating and Enhancing Your Science Program
P EDU 9061 – Evaluating and Enhancing Your Math Program
P EDU 9063 – Focusing on Objectives for Teaching Art
P EDU 9066 – Enhancing Your Skills Using Technology
P EDU 9069 – Classroom Management Strategies
P EDU 9070 – Music Across the Curriculum

E DUP 9181: Creating A Classroom of Equity and Belonging
E DUP 9188: Promoting Social Emotional Learning and Growth
E DUP 9189: Social Emotional Learning Practices
E DUP 9191: Equity Teaching, Strategies and Curriculum

A sample format for your log:

1/16-17/2020        Participated in workshops and took notes — 20 hours
4/12/2020        Worked on rubric for phonics skills — 3 hours
4/14/2020        Read __________  (children’s lit), page #s _____ — 3 hours
Elaboration: This book was about… and I recommend this book because….
4/15/2020        Developed lesson plans to use in ______ learning center(s) — 3 hours
4/25/2020        Reviewed and evaluated existing lessons teaching the ABC’s — 2 hours
5/5/2020          Designed lessons to incorporate sight words into my curriculum — 1 hour
5/7/2020          Researched online for lesson plan ideas for teaching math — 3 hours
Elaboration: List the sites you visited, explain what each was about & how valuable they were ETC….

What activities count for my Log?
You may log curriculum development, reading or research that will enhance your classroom teaching.
Your activities don’t have to relate to each other, but they have to be professional activities.
Suggestions of excellent activities: read, researched, developed, created, previewed, revised.

What activities do NOT count for my Log?
You may not log prep work.
You may not log work done at a school workshop or meeting.
You may not count correcting/grading papers, doing report cards, IEPs, photocopying, conferencing with parents, or meetings regarding specific students.
For a more comprehensive list of “What Counts and Doesn’t Count” you may email our office at

Please note: Unofficial transcripts can take up to 6 – 8 weeks.
For more information click here.

If you’d like to continue earning graduate-level professional development units/credits for the professional work you do, please click here for a Self-Designed Course Packet. The registration process for obtaining additional graduate-level professional development semester credit is simple. We honor teachers for the hard work they do outside of their normal workday. This program is available all year long.