California Kindergarten Conference

Earn 3 Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits for your participation in the California Kindergarten Conference

Step 1

Before you register you must have attended the California Kindergarten Conference and obtained a certificate of attendance from the CKA office (

Get to Know the Policies of your School District

It is your responsibility to know your district and/or university policy regarding transcript requirements and deadline dates.

Information to provide your district should you need prior approval:

  1. Courses4Teachers Inc. partners with the University of the Pacific. They are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
  2. The units/credits we provide are graduate-level professional development semester units/credits that are designed for salary advancement and/or to renew credentials. They are not applicable towards a Master’s or higher degree within the University of the Pacific.

    *It is your responsibility to confirm with other universities whether they accept these credits toward a higher degree.

  3. Our courses have been accepted in school districts across the United States.

Step 2


With this certificate of attendance, you have completed 20 hours of attendance.  To register for 3 units/credits, you will need to log an additional 25 hours of independent professional development work.

To register:

  1. Select the course titles from the list below.

    *Our course titles have been approved by the University of the Pacific and California Kindergarten Conference to be reflected on your official transcript. You may not register for the same course title twice.

  2. Complete the registration form and attach your certificate of attendance. Your certificate is valid for 12 months.
  3. Attach a log of 25 hours of independent professional development work you have done prior, during, or after the conference.
  4. Submit your payment.

Course Titles:

Course NumberCourse TitleTuition FeeEnrollment Date
PECE 9000 Teaching Foundational Reading Skills to ECE Students $200 Year Round
PECE 9001 Teaching Foundational Math Skills to ECE Students $200 Year Round
PECE 9002 Supporting English Language Development in the ECE Classroom $200 Year Round
PECE 9003 Assessment of ECE Goals and Lesson Plan Effectiveness $200 Year Round
PECE 9004 Understanding Developmental Stages of Early Childhood $200 Year Round
PECE 9005 Promoting Social Emotional Growth in ECE Students $200 Year Round
PECE 9006 Teaching to Diversified Developmental Levels, Personality Types & Learning Styles in the ECE Classroom $200 Year Round
PECE 9007 Teaching Language and Literacy to ECE Students $200 Year Round
PEDU 9040 Safe and Respectful Learning Environments $200 Year Round
PEDU 9044 Strategies to Help Children with Learning Challenges $200 Year Round
PEDU 9046 Introducing More Literature into your Reading Program $200 Year Round
PEDU 9051 Focusing on Objectives for Teaching Reading $200 Year Round
PEDU 9055 Focusing on Objectives for Teaching Writing Skills $200 Year Round
PEDU 9060 Evaluating and Enhancing Your Science Program $200 Year Round
PEDU 9061 Evaluating and Enhancing Your Math Program $200 Year Round
PEDU 9063 Focusing on Objectives for Teaching Art $200 Year Round
PEDU 9070 Music Across the Curriculum $200 Year Round
EDUP 9188 Promoting Social Emotional Learning and Growth $200 Year Round
EDUP 9189 Social Emotional Learning Practices $200 Year Round
EDUP 9191 Equity Teaching, Strategies and Curriculum $200 Year Round
PEDU 9048 Evaluating and Enhancing Your Writing Program $200 Year Round
PEDU 9254 Incorporating Game-Based Learning into Your Curriculum $200 Year Round
PEDU 9294 Reading, Writing and Math Curriculum for PreK, TK and K Teachers $200 Year Round
PEDU 9265 Using Technology to Foster Collaborative Learning $200 Year Round
PEDU 9066 Enhancing Your Skills sing Technology $200 Year Round
PEDU 9069 Classroom Management, Strategies that Work $200 Year Round
EDUP 9181 Creating a Classroom of Equity and Belonging $200 Year Round

Helpful Information

To view information on credits, grading process, log guide, and transcripts, please see our FAQ page.

For grade and transcript information, please visit our official transcripts page.

Earn additional units/credits with
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For every 15 hours of reading, research, and curriculum development work you are already doing, you may earn 1 graduate-level professional development semester unit/credit.