Thank you for inquiring about how to receive graduate level professional development semester units/credits connected with your ACIS/Encore travel experience for teachers. We know the high educational quality of ACIS/Encore tours and Global conferences. We are pleased to award you 3 semester units/credits for the required research, reading and educational tour participation associated with these events.

Three Simple Steps to Earning 3 Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits for Your ACIS/Encore Educational Tour Participation:

Step 1

Get to know the policies of your school district regarding graduate level professional growth courses, due dates, etc. Some districts require prior approval and some don’t. Districts vary in policy regarding whether or not they require embossed transcripts, and districts have different turn-in dates for salary advancement.

It is your responsibility to know your own district’s policies regarding dates you must submit grade reports for salary advancement and regarding their policy in accepting grade reports versus formal transcripts. Please contact your personnel department for information.
Please note: It typically takes 6-8 weeks to obtain a transcript from the Registrar, so please plan to register with this time frame in mind.

What information to provide your district should you need prior approval:
Generally districts ask for the name of the university, the course title and course number. If additional information is requested, you may add that all our University of the Pacific courses are Graduate Level Professional Development semester courses, designed as professional growth for teachers. The University of the Pacific is accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Step 2

Complete and submit the registration form and payment. (See link below).
You may register by regular mail or email and we will need three things from you:

1. Registration form completed. Each course number requires a separate registration form (see suggested course titles below)

Click here: Registration Form

2. Payment – Only $99 per graduate level semester unit/credit
3. IMPORTANT in NOTES Section at bottom of page, when filling out the registration form information, be sure to tells us the dates and destination of your recent travel and if it was with ACIS or Encore.

You may choose from any of the following course numbers/titles. Each course may be taken for 3 units/credits. Each time you register for graduate level professional development semester units/credits for your travel, you must choose a different course title from the list.

PEDU 9221 – Travel to Enrich Your Curriculum
PEDU 9220 – Travel to Learn and Enhance Your Teaching
PEDU 9218 – The History, Art & Culture of Europe
PEDU 9223 – Educational Tours for Teachers
PEDU 9224 – The History, Culture & Art of Italy I
PEDU 9215 – The History, Culture & Art of Italy II
PEDU 9216 – The History, Art & Culture of the British Isles
PEDU 9222 – Travel as a Form of Education
PEDU 9217 – The History, Art & Culture of Spain
PEDU 9219 – The History and Art of America
PEDU 9225 – The History, Art & Culture of France
PEDU 9225 – The History, Art & Culture of France
PEDU 9299 – Educational Travel for Music Teachers
PEDU 9070 – Music Across the Curriculum
PEDU 9071 – Using Music in Teaching the Standards
– more courses titles CLICK HERE 

Payment can be in the form of MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or Visa.

Should you need to pay by check, mail Registration Form(s) & check to address below and use this Form
Check should be payable to University of the Pacific and mailed with your registration form to:

Courses4Teachers Inc. | University of the Pacific
Attn: Karin Alexander
1812 W. Burbank Avenue, #1031
Burbank, CA 91506

Any questions, please email us at

Step 3

Upon receipt, Courses4Teachers will contact ACIS or Encore to verify your travel experience/participation/course completion. We will mail you your grade, on university letterhead, within two weeks after verification is complete.

In 6 – 8 weeks you will automatically receive an Unofficial Transcript from the University of the Pacific Registrar; with that will be a form to request an embossed, sealed, Official Transcript should you need one.

For more detailed transcript information, click here.