Earn Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits for your ACIS/Encore Educational Tour Participation

Step 1

Get to Know the Policies of Your School District

It is your responsibility to know your district’s policies regarding transcript requirements and deadline dates.

Information to provide your district should you need prior approval:

  1. The University of the Pacific is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
  2. The credits we provide are graduate-level professional development semester units/credits.
  3. The course title and course number you have selected.

Step 2


Register for the number of units based on the ACIS/Encore travel you have completed:

This training requires 45 hours of work. You may register for 3 units.

To register:

  1. Select the course title(s) from the list below. *These course titles are approved by the University of the Pacific — so you can earn credit for your ACIS/Encore travel. Select the course title that you’d like on your transcript. You may not register for the same course title twice.
  2. Complete registration form and payment.
  3. Attach your ACIS/Encore itinerary. The date of your travel is valid for 12 months.

Upon receipt of your registration form and payment, Courses4Teachers will contact ACIS|Encore to verify your travel experience. 


Course NumberCourseTuition FeeEnrollment Date
PEDU 9221 Travel to Enrich Your Curriculum $99 Year Round
PEDU 9220 Travel to Learn and Enhance Your Teaching $99 Year Round
PEDU 9218 The History, Art & Culture of Europe $99 Year Round
PEDU 9223 Educational Tours for Teachers $99 Year Round
PEDU 9224 The History, Culture & Art of Italy I $99 Year Round
PEDU 9215 The History, Culture & Art of Italy II $99 Year Round
PEDU 9216 The History, Art & Culture of the British Isles $99 Year Round
PEDU 9222 Travel as a Form of Education $99 Year Round
PEDU 9217 The History, Art & Culture of Spain $99 Year Round
PEDU 9219 The History and Art of America $99 Year Round
PEDU 9225 The History, Art & Culture of France $99 Year Round
PEDU 9299 Educational Travel for Music Teachers $99 Year Round
PEDU 9070 Music Across the Curriculum $99 Year Round
PEDU 9071 Using Music in Teaching the Standards $99 Year Round

Earn additional units/credits with
our Self-Designed Courses 

For every 15 hours of reading, research, and curriculum development work you are already doing, you may earn 1 graduate-level professional development semester unit/credit

Helpful Information

To view information on credits, the grading process, log guide, and transcripts, please see our FAQ page.