Graduate-Level Professional Development
Units Linked to Workshops, Conferences,
Trainings , Webinars and Summits

If you would like credit for work you have done inspired by a workshop, conference, webinar or travel, you would follow the same procedure as needed with any of our self-designed courses. You want to earn credit for all the extra professional work you do and when you attend conferences, workshops, webinars or educational travel you are researching new ideas, enhancing your knowledge, skills and classroom curriculum?

You will keep a log of specific activities, lectures, tours, research and readings you did and be prepared to show examples, samples or provide written explanations as proof of these professional activities. In addition, you may log professional work you have done that may or may not relate to the theme of the conference, travel, workshop or webinar. If the log entries indicate professional work that enhances your knowledge, skills and classroom curriculum, we are pleased to grant you credit for that work. Simply put, if your log entry begins with any of these words (read, researched, developed, created, toured, previewed) the log entry will reflect the high caliber or professional work you have done that is required for these courses.

In selecting a course title: More than likely no one title will match the conference/workshop/travel subject, so just select a title that works best for you and that you’d like to see on an Official Transcript.

As with all our courses, you will need 15 hours of documented work for 1 unit, 30 hours for 2 units, or 45 hours for 3 units. You may document professional work you have done prior to, during or after the educational participatory experience, just as if you were doing a typical self-designed course.

When your documentation is complete, you may either meet with a University Representative for a show-and-tell, or simply mail in your log along with samples/explanations of work completed.