Teacher Testimonials

I’m really appreciating the design of Courses4Teachers. I wish all CEC programs were designed similarly.
-Bart G.
The staff at Courses4Teachers are the best! They are extremely knowledgeable about curriculum and helpful in answering any and all questions. They’re always available and ready to help you in any way. I accomplished so much thanks to their help and guidance.
The self-designed courses are wonderful! This amazing opportunity was just what I needed to motivate me to update my lesson plans and research new ideas for my classroom. I enhanced my curriculum so much thanks to these courses.
-Val G.
These courses have been so practical for me! Common Core requirements are so comprehensive and these courses helped me to accomplish what I needed to be in compliance with all the focuses of my district.
-Terri H.
As a new teacher I was am researching new ideas, developing new lessons, and learning how to become a more effective teacher. Courses4Teachers helped me get graduate-level units for all the work I have put into making my teaching more effective.
-Alexis A.

With the introduction of Common Core, I knew it was time to reevaluate my lesson plans and update my teaching skills. I heard about Courses4Teachers Inc. and signed up for several of their courses. They are outstanding. They are totally practical and allowed me to work on District curriculum-development goals and get graduate-level professional development units for doing so.

“These courses gave me the perfect opportunity to do some in depth planning and creation of teacher materials. I knew my team and I would use. The work I chose to do was to organize and design lesson presentation for my readers and writers workshop. I always knew this could be improved in my teaching, but never seemed to find the time to accomplish it. These self-designed courses have allowed my to present my lessons each day in a more exciting and student friendly manner, with new level of organization. The Course4Teachers personnel have always treated me as a true professional and really wanted to support me in any way possible.”
-Connie F., San Ramon, CA

“I loved doing Courses4Teachers this summer for several reasons:

  • I was studying things I needed to learn to be more effective at work. Previously, I took classes at a community college and spent a LOT of time in class and doing homework that didn’t really relate to me.
  • I loved working on my own time schedule, early morning and late at night.
  • I just used a timer to count the hours I worked, clocking in and out for interruptions and family responsibilities.
  • It was easy to document and meet with a supervisor to show what I had done.

My only wish is that I could earn a degree this way. I learned so much more than I did taking a class.”

-Kathie M., Brentwood, CA
“From the very first time I communicated with Karin, I was struck by how promptly she replied to every message! I love the fact that all the information is up-front; there are no hidden or additional fees that you learn about after the fact and the instructions are pretty straight forward. With all that, I found the staff extremely flexible and willing to work around my schedule.”
-Jennifer F., San Jose, CA
“I found the courses to be practical, engaging, easy to access, and with plenty of personal attention.”
-Diana G., Lafayette, CA

“Being new to California in 2007, I lost many years in my salary steps and I was put at the bottom of the hiring and placement process. These courses allowed me to use the extra hours I spent researching differentiated activities to enhance my curriculum and preparing dynamic and standard-based lessons for all the varying levels and site-specific expectations and challenges.
Getting the necessary graduate-level professional development units via University of the Pacific validated the meaningful EXTRA work I was doing! There was no need to travel for classes at inconvenient times and to unknown cities.
Overall, I truly appreciate the opportunity that Courses4Teachers provides to instill balance and sanity to my hectic world.
The Courses4Teachers team is diligent, respectful and quick to respond to any inquiries. They complete the package.”

-Gretchen F., Livermore, CA
“Being a young teacher, it is a daunting thing to “go back to school” again. Through Courses4Teachers I was able to focus on my classroom and still earn graduate-level professional development units for all the outside work I was putting in. It’s very reasonably priced and a process that is understanding of time crunches and works with your schedule. I definitely recommend it highly.”
-Colin O., San Ramon, CA
“The work I did for the courses helped me change my job after 30 years. I returned to work with a renewed sense of accomplishment and useful skills. I was motivated by learning that would assist my personal work and not for someone else’s idea of what I needed to learn.”
-Susan A., Vallejo, CA
“Professional development courses, through Courses4Teachers, have been very beneficial to my teaching. The course that I took helped me come up with new great ideas for my upcoming school year and I could complete it at my own pace. This is a great way to advance and earn a pay increase.”
-Brenda P., Northern CA
After 31 years as a High School Band Director and recently taking on the task of running a Middle School music program as well, I realized that I didn’t have the extra time to take classes to complete units for salary advancement. I heard about Courses4Teachers and enrolled in some of the self-designed courses that allowed me to earn university credit for the hard professional work that I was doing outside of my regular duties. As a result I earned the credit I needed for salary advancement as I head towards retirement. Thank you Courses4Teachers for your dependable, prompt, efficient, respectful and courteous service.
Tom J.