2019 Summer Courses

We are offering two options for Summer Courses this year!!

Option 1:

Instructor: Karin Alexander

Mandatory registration and information meeting:
Thursday, May 16, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm 

Location: San Ramon Community Center, lawn area in front of main entrance. 
12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon 

Earn 3 – 9 graduate-level professional development semester credits while enjoying one, two or all three of our field trip courses.

You may earn a total of 9 graduate-level professional development semester units/credits to help you advance on the salary scale this summer.

Each field trip course offers fun and practical classroom enrichment. You design your own field trips for this course. Each day you will visit museums, historic sites, and/or attend educational tours and lectures of your choice. Suggestions for educational experiences will be provided on the first day of instruction. You have 12 months to tour sites of your choice and complete one, two or all of these courses. 

Teachers may receive 3 graduate-level professional development semester units/credits for each course from the University of the Pacific for their participation. 
Thus, a total of 9 semester graduate-level credits are possible for you to earn this summer. 

Cost per course: Only $297

The $297 price includes the 3 semester units/credits of graduate-level professional development credit per course. That payment can be made in the form of personal check or credit card information may be added to your registration form and will be collected on registration day in person, Thursday May 16th, 5pm in San Ramon, CA 

If you have taken any field trip courses with us in the past, you will need to select a course title you have not taken previously. (See bottom of this email for course title selection options). 
If you are not sure of which courses you have taken in the past, email our office and we will provide you with that information. 

You have one full year to complete your educational tours. However, you are welcome to turn in all coursework in person to Karin Alexander at the end of the week and receive your grade then.

You have one full year to complete your educational tours. However, you are welcome to turn in all coursework in person to Karin Alexander at the end of the week and receive your grade confirmation letter then.


To register for one, two or all of the courses there is a MANDATORY registration and informational meeting: 
Thursday May 16, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: San Ramon Community Center – lawn area in front of main entrance. 
12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon 

IMPORTANT: Prior to the meeting it is important to complete the registration form(s), print them out and bring them with you to to registration meeting to be collected.

Click here: Registration Form

On each form you will have a different course number/title and you must put the dates May 15 – July 1 on the upper right corner of each form. (see listing of course titles below). 

If for some reason you cannot attend this mandatory meeting, it is imperative that you contact Karin Alexander, instructor, PRIOR TO MAY 16 for alternative registration process information. You may reach her at courses4teachers@courses4teachers.net

To document your work and receive a grade of “A” you will save entry receipts to educational tour sites you have visited any time from May 15 to July 1. You will keep a log of 45 hours for each course you are taking. Your log will specify what tours you have taken. You may also log hours you spend reading material that correlates with the tours you have taken or time developing lesson plans that integrate new knowledge from the tours. Be prepared to provide receipts of entry to museums, notes or written reflection on the tours and readings.

Each course requires 45 hours for documented work. Thus, if you are taking three courses you will turn in, on July 1, three separate logs, each one specifying 45 hours of touring and/or reading and/or curriculum development. This coursework will be turned in to the instructor in person on July 1, 2019. Time and place to be announced at the May 16 registration meeting. 

If you need prior approval, choose from any of these field trip course titles: 
P EDU 9957 – Field Trips to Enhance Curriculum I 
P EDU 9958 – Field Trips to Enhance Curriculum II 
P EDU 9321 – Extraordinary Field Trips for PreK-12 Teachers 
P EDU 9039 – Local Resources/Field Trips to Enhance Curriculum 
P EDU 9223 – Educational Tours for Teachers 
– Other course titles are available upon request. 

If your district requires course descriptions for prior approval, please let us know and we can get those to you. 

If you have any questions about these field trip courses please contact Karin Alexander at courses4teachers@courses4teachers.net

Additional practicum will be required to satisfy the necessary 45 hours of professional work requirement. This will be practical to you and discussed during the registration meeting. 

Option 2:

MOTIVATIONAL SEMINAR (Instructor based):

Instructor: Karin Alexander
Monday June 17, Tuesday June 18, Wednesday June 19

9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Location: LIBRARY @ Diablo Vista Middle School, 4100 Camino Tassajara, Danville, CA

This incredible three-day motivational seminar will make you feel great as a person and as an educator! Earn 3 Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester units for attending! 

You will leave smiling, refreshed, and feeling absolutely great about who you are and what you do!

Register now! Space is limited! (SORRY! NO SPACES LEFT)
Cost per course: Only $297

This on-site seminar is all about making you feel good about who you are and what you bring to your classroom. Get validated for all the dedication and love you put into your teaching! 
You will leave this course feeling great about yourself and the important gifts you give to students. 

Learn how to find time for yourself so you are not always ‘the giver.” 
Get renewed and fall in love all over again with your job as an educator! 

Attend this seminar to gain new strategies for dealing with the difficulties that seem to go along with the job of being a teacher in this decade. 

This course will give you the nourishment you need to bring even more to your professional and personal relationships.

Karin Alexander is a renowned motivational speaker and has 34 years of classroom teaching experience. It’s not often that Karin appears in our area so don’t miss out on this opportunity. She will make you laugh, will touch your hearts, and will help you to notice the beauty within you that you share with your students and others.

Too often teachers are not acknowledged enough for their efforts. In this course teachers PreK-12 will be validated and commended for all the work they do in shaping young minds. This course will praise teachers — probably the most nurturing and beautiful people of any profession.
This course will remind teachers of how important their positions are. Teachers will reflect on what they are doing right, share strategies for success with other teachers, and become even more empowered to do their jobs and enjoy their work. 

Ten topics of primary focus will be: 
1) The rewards you feel as an educator 
2) How to be most effective in working with difficult students and difficult parents 
3) How to initiate meaningful and effective discussions with administrators 
4) Introducing more humor in the classroom 
5) Motivational teaching strategies 
6) How to nurture yourself as well as nurture others 
7) Finding time for YOU 
8) Modeling mindful behavior for students 
9) Finding joy every day as a teacher 
10) Falling in love all over again with your job as an educator

Registration is only $297, payable to University of the Pacific. Register now to reserve your spot! Space is limited.
NOTE: When emailing your registration, you MUST let us know you are registering for the 2019 Motivational Seminar to reserve your spot!!

There will be a separate supply fee of $25, to be collected the first day of class. Please make check payable to Karin Alexander.

Total cost includes the 3 graduate-level professional development semester credits for your attendance and participation. 

If you wish to audit this seminar for no university credit the cost will be $225. Please email the Courses4Teachers office for special registration instructions for auditing the course. Our contact information: courses4teachers@courses4teachers.net

Should you need prior approval, the course title is:
PEDU 9054 Lesson Plans and Strategies for Success in Teaching 
(A different course title is available upon request

You may register by mail or email and may pay by credit card or personal check.
Click here: Registration Form 

You may email the form to us or you may mail your registration to us. See instructions printed under the registration form for more detailed information. 

Should you need help for any reason with registration, or have any questions about the seminar, feel free to email us at courses4teachers@courses4teachers.net

To fulfill requirements for 3 graduate-level professional development credits the instructor will require additional coursework, totally practical to your own personal needs. This additional work can be completed on your own time within the year. This will be explained on the first day of class.
This course is offered through Courses4Teachers — an educational organization dedicated to quality service and education. 
Courses4Teachers is in partnership with the prestigious University of the Pacific, accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. 
Note: These Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Unit Courses are designed for professional growth and advancement on the salary scale. They may not be applied towards attainment of an advanced degree with University of the Pacific.