Riverside County Office of Education RCOE Cycles of Inquiry

Earn 1 Semester Unit of University Graduate-Level Professional Development unit/credit for the work you completed in each Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) Five-Week Cycles of Inquiry

Please Note: It typically takes 6 – 7 weeks from the date you are graded to receive your Unofficial Transcript and to order your Official Transcript, should you need one.

Two simple steps:

Step 1

Get to know the policies of your school district regarding graduate-level professional growth courses, due dates, etc. Some districts require prior approval, and some don’t. Districts vary in policy regarding whether or not they require embossed transcripts, and districts have different turn-in dates for salary advancement. It is your responsibility to know your own district’s policies regarding dates you must submit grade reports for salary advancement and regarding their policy in accepting Unofficial vs. Official Transcripts. Please contact your personnel department for information.
What information to provide your district should you need prior approval:

  1. University of the Pacific is accredited with Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  2. Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Unit/Credit
  3. Course Title and Course Number, you have selected

Step 2

Register for University Credit:

CLICK HERE to access our Online version of the Registration Form
The registration process is quick and easy. You may register up to 12 months from the date you complete a Cycle of Inquiry. The cost is at the reduced rate of only $50 for 1 graduate-level professional development semester credit. 

Note: Each course title is available for 1 unit/credit only.

Course Titles for Five-Week Cycles of Inquiry:
E DUP 9072: CSTP 1: Engaging all Students
E DUP 9074: CSTP 2: Positive Learning Environments
E DUP 9076: CSTP 3: Extending Subject/Context
E DUP 9078: CSTP 4: Effective Lesson Design
E DUP 9080: CSTP 5: Assessing for Learning
E DUP 9082: CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator
E DUP 9083: CSTP 7: Effective Language/Motivation Engagement Status

We will need two things from you:

  1. Registration form using the title that coincides with the Cycle you have completed.
  2. Payment – personal check or Visa, AMEX, Discover or MasterCard – $50

To Register by US Mail:

  1. Click the appropriate link above to access the electronic registration form. OR, if you prefer, click here for the “low-tech” registration form.
  2. Save the registration form to your desktop first. Fill it out and print it. If it is the “low tech” version, print it and then fill it out.
  3. Send the completed registration form(s) and your payment to the address below:

            Courses4Teachers, LLC / University of the Pacific
            Karin Alexander
            696 San Ramon Valley Blvd., #518
            Danville, CA 94526

Your grade(s) will be emailed to you shortly after we receive verification form the Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) that you successfully completed the Cycle of Inquiry.

This course will be listed on a University of the Pacific transcript. Transcripts are available upon request. Our units/credits are designed for salary advancement and to renew credentials. Our courses are not designed for the attainment of an advanced degree with the University of the Pacific. There are no refunds!

Transcript Information:

After you have emailed in your registration form & payment, and we have heard back from RCOE, a grade confirmation will be emailed to you from our Danville office on University letterhead within 5 business days. You will also receive an Unofficial Transcript in the mail, directly from the University of the Pacific Registrar in 6 – 7 weeks from the time you are graded. This is your cue to go online and order an Official Transcript should you need one.

Please note: For more Official Transcript information click here: