University Credit for RCOE Cycles of Inquiry Through Courses4Teachers/University of the Pacific

Courses4Teachers is pleased to offer you the opportunity to earn 1 graduate-level, professional-development semester unit/credit for each cycle of inquiry you complete. This credit will be granted by the University of the Pacific. You may earn up to 8 credits each year, applicable for salary advancement, completing cycles of inquiry.

Please Note: It typically takes 6 – 8 weeks from the date you are graded to receive your Unofficial Transcript and to order your Official Transcript, should you need one.

Two simple steps:

Step 1
Get to know the policies of your school district regarding graduate-level professional growth courses, due dates, etc. Some districts require prior approval, and some don’t. Districts vary in policy regarding whether or not they require official transcripts, and districts have different turn-in dates for salary advancement. Please contact your personnel department for information.

What information to provide your district should you need prior approval:

  1. University of the Pacific is accredited with Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  2. Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Unit/Credit
  3. Course Title and Course Number, you have selected

Step 2
Register for University Credit:
The online registration process is quick and easy.  See below to click on the link to register.

You may register up to 1 year from the date you complete Cycle of Inquiry.

You may register for multiple completed cycles of inquiry at one time.

Each completed Cycle of Inquiry is available for one graduate-level professional development semester credit. The cost is at the reduced rate of only $50 for one graduate-level professional development semester credit.

  1. Make sure you have carefully indicated which cycles you have completed. Double-check your entries before submitting. We advise you make sure you and RCOE are in synch regarding your completion of the courses you indicated. There are no refunds.
  2. Payment – Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover


Grade and Transcript Information:
Sometime after you register, RCOE will turn in grades to the University for the inquiry courses you registered for. Please check with RCOE if you need information on the status of your grade(s).

Your grade(s) goes through many channels with the University before it is posted in the Office of the Registrar. Generally, the process of posting a grade takes from 6-8 weeks after you register. (Note: declined credit cards can cause serious delay.)

As soon as your grades are entered into the Registrar Computer, you will receive an unofficial transcript. As soon as you receive that unofficial transcript, you can be assured your grades are posted.

After receiving the Unofficial Transcript, you may go online and request your formal transcript. Note: Due to Covid 19 complications, the University will not accept requests for overnight transcripts, but they still accept requests for the 3-5 day option.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT REQUEST AN OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT. If you request an Official Transcript prior to receiving the Unofficial Transcript, the transcript you receive will likely be blank and say “In Progress.”

Transcript Information:
For more Official Transcript information click here.

Note:  These units/credits through University of the Pacific, for completion of RCOE Cycles of Inquiry, are designed for salary advancement and to renew credentials. They are not designed for the attainment of an advanced degree with the University of the Pacific.