Pacific Educ. Group (PEG) Courageous Conversation

Graduate-Level Professional Development
Units/Credits for your participation in PEG Courageous Conversation Summits, Seminars or Affiliate Practitioner Training

Earn 3 semester units/credits of University Graduate-Level Professional Development!

Please Note: You must wait until you have completed the Summit/Seminar/Training before you register. You may register for credit within 12 months after completing any Courageous Conversation participation.

Two Simple Steps:

Step 1
Get to know the policies of your school district regarding graduate-level professional growth courses, due dates, etc.
Some districts require prior approval and some don’t. Districts vary in policy regarding whether or not they require embossed transcripts, and districts have different turn-in dates for salary advancement.

It is your responsibility to know your district’s policies regarding dates you must submit grade reports for salary advancement and regarding their policy in accepting grade reports versus formal transcripts. Please contact your personnel department for information.
Please note: It typically takes 6-8 weeks to obtain a transcript from the Registrar, so please plan to register and complete your coursework with this time frame in mind.

What information to provide your district should you need prior approval:
Generally districts ask for the name of the university, the course title and course number. If additional information is requested, you may add that all our University of the Pacific courses are Graduate-Level, Professional Development semester courses, designed as professional growth for teachers. The University of the Pacific is accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. 

Step 2
We will need four things from you:
(1) Completed Registration Form
(2) Payment of $297 – personal check, Visa, AMEX, Discover or MasterCard
(3) Certificate of Completion from your PEG Seminars, Summits or Trainings
(4) Log of hours of professional work and explanation/samples (explained below)

Explanation of “Log of extra work” needed:
You will need to prepare a log of 45 hours of professional curriculum development work.
Your first entry will be the number of hours listed on your Certificate of Completion from a National Summit, Seminar, or Affiliate Practitioner Training. You must then add additional hours of curriculum development work to equal 45 hours.
You will need to provide us with an explanation and/or samples of your work. These professional development hours of work may be from the past 12 months and do not necessarily need to be related to PEG Courageous Conversation. They do need to be professional curriculum development activities, involving reading, research and/or creating new lesson plans, tests or quizzes etc.

Sample log:
10/22-24/18 – Participated in National Summit for Courageous Conversation:    ___ hours
Date – Participated in a Seminar:                                                     ___ hours
Date – Participated in Affiliate Practitioner Training:                            _50 hours (no log needed)

Additional hours to equal 45 hours:
11/12/18 – Adapted curriculum to be incorporated to meet current teaching mandates:  4 hours 
            Elaboration: Tell us more about this activity and provide samples of work
11/19/18 – Read __________, page numbers:  3 hours
            Elaboration: Tell us how this book relates to your curriculum
11/26/18 – Developed lessons incorporating technology into curriculum:  4 hours
            Elaboration: Provide us with a sample lesson plan
12/10/18 – Developed rubric for a lesson on stress reduction for students:  1 hour
            Elaboration: Provide us with a copy of the rubric
1/15/19 – Researched  _________,:  1 hour
            Elaboration: Tell us how you did this academic research by listing websites, webinars, etc.

What activities count for my log?
You may log curriculum development work, reading or research that will enhance your classroom teaching.
Suggestions of excellent activities: read, researched, developed, created, previewed, revised. Example: one hour reading literature for your classroom, three hours designing lessons that integrate technology into your curriculum, one hour developing a rubric, one hour revising/updating a lesson plan, one hour previewing a video on teaching reading, etc.

What activities do NOT count for my log? 
You may not log prep work. 
You may not log attendance at a workshop or conference that is not sponsored by Courses4Teachers. 
You may not log work done while teaching students. You may not log work done at a school workshop or meeting. 
You may not count correcting/grading papers, doing report cards, IEPs, photocopying, conferencing with parents, or meetings regarding specific students.

For a more comprehensive list of “What Counts and What Doesn’t Count” you may email our office at

About Courses4Teachers and University of the Pacific:
Courses4Teachers is an educational company, in affiliation with University of the Pacific, providing practical and motivating courses for teachers throughout the United States. Courses4Teachers has provided PreK-12 teachers with consistent, dependable, high-quality graduate professional courses for over twenty-six years. The company office is located in Danville, California. The Courses4Teachers staff takes great pride in the quality of education and service they provide and value highly their strong partnership with the prestigious University of the Pacific. The Pacific main campus, located in Stockton, CA, is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the state of California; it has a reputation of high prestige and is known for quality in education.

These courses are designed for salary advancement and to renew credentials. The courses are not designed towards attainment of an advanced degree. You are advised to check with your state board or attending university, prior to registering, if you wish to apply these graduate-level professional development units/credits towards attainment of specialty credentials. There are no refunds.

Registration Process for Work Related to PEG Summits, Seminars or Trainings:
Choose from one of the following course titles for 3 graduate-level professional development semester credits/units

P EDU 9403: Culturally Responsive Teaching
P EDU 9040: Safe and Respectful Learning Environment
P EDU 9069: Classroom Management, Strategies that Work
P EDU 9052: Understanding and Supporting Children with Special Needs
P EDU 9279: Incorporating Mindful Education into Curriculum
– more course titles available upon request

To Register by EMAIL:

  1. CLICK HERE to access the electronic registration form.
  2. Save the “editable” PDF to your desktop. (DO NOT fill it out before saving it to your desktop.)
  3. Fill out the form, save it again and attach the file, along with a scanned copy of your Certificate of Completion, log and explanation/samples of work. Email it to Please put “PEG Registration” in the subject field.

To Register by U.S. MAIL:

  1. CLICK HERE to access the electronic registration form.
  2. Save the registration form to your desktop. Fill it out and print it out.
  3. Send the completed registration form, payment, a copy of your Certificate of Completion, and your log with samples to:

Courses4Teachers, LLC / University of the Pacific
Karin Alexander
696 San Ramon Valley Blvd, #518
Danville, CA 94526

Grades and Transcript Information:
Important: Should you have any questions about your grade or transcripts, please contact our Courses4Teachers office directly. Do NOT contact the University of the Pacific main campus as these registrations and grades are handled from this office. Our email is

After you have mailed in your registration, Certificate of Completion from P.E.G., log of work and explanation/samples, you will receive an email from our office. This email is verification that the processing of your grade has begun. Your grade will go through many channels before it is finally posted with the Registrar. This process typically takes 6 – 8 weeks. As soon as your grade is posted with the Registrar you will receive an unofficial transcript in the mail, directly from the University of the Pacific Registrar. Some school districts may accept the letter emailed from our office stating your grade is being processed for immediate professional growth and salary increment credit. However, most school districts request the unofficial transcript from the Registrar, and some may request an embossed, sealed Official Transcript.

Transcript Information: