Grader Testimonial

“I’ve been told by many teachers, after taking their courses through this Courses4Teachers program, that they learned so much more about teaching then they did from seminars and other post graduate courses they’d taken.”
-Stephen A., Tracy, CA

“I truly feel privileged to be associated with Courses4Teachers and to represent them as a grader. Their staff is dependable, efficient, friendly and supportive. Self-directed courses are a brilliant, common sense idea which serves everybody associated with it. It begins a positive domino effect, benefiting teachers, schools, and district offices. But most important of all, it sparks creativity in teachers making a superior learning environment for their students. And isn’t that the purpose of education? Kudos to Courses4Teachers and its excellent staff!”
-Lani S., Redondo Beach, CA

“I love being a grader and I love working for Courses4Teachers. It is an honor to have been selected as a grader and represent C4T. The job is so rewarding and the C4T staff is wonderful. I love meeting with teachers after school to review the curriculum development work they have done on their own time and, when needed, to help them with more ideas to enhance their teaching curriculum and skills. Teachers are so appreciative of the help and validation they receive for all their hard work. I feel so fortunate to have been offered this exciting position.
-JR, NorCal

“The best job ever! I meet with teachers after school to review their work and it never ceases to amaze me how much time teachers put in after school hours to enrich their classroom teaching. I am continually impressed with the dedication of teachers. Plus, I really enjoy helping teachers by giving them more suggestions for creating an even more effective classroom environment. This job helps me keep sharp on what is mandated by our district, knowledgeable about the latest technology, and in sharing that information with teachers.
-Zandra, NorCal