CKA PK1 Conference

Thank you for your interest in earning university graduate-level professional development units through Courses4Teachers. We are pleased to help you earn graduate-level professional development units for the professional work you do related to CKA’s PK1 Conference. We are also pleased to offer you a special discount on units — only $200 for three semester units! That’s a savings of $79!!

Three Easy Steps to Earn Graduate-Level Professional Development Units:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the policies of your school district.
    Some districts require prior approval for these types of courses and some do not. Districts vary in policy regarding whether they require embossed transcripts. Districts also have different turn-in dates for graduate-level professional development units applied to salary advancement. Courses4Teachers cannot know all of these differing policies and will claim no responsibility for their proper execution. There are no refunds.
  2. Keep a log of 45 hours of professional work completed outside of your normal school day.
    You may count note-taking on new curriculum ideas presented at the conference, reading literature, researching new ideas, researching motivational teaching techniques, creating lesson plans, developing rubrics, organizing, previewing videos, creating art samples, creating learning centers, etc. If it enhances your knowledge, skills, classroom environment and/or classroom curriculum, it counts towards your 45 hours.
  3. Email Courses4Teachers your registration, payment, and log/elaboration of hours.
    (A link to our registration page is below.)
    Register with Courses4Teachers in person at the Conference.
    Present your log of 45 hours to Karin Alexander at the University of the Pacific table located next to conference registration. (Note: If you do not have your log completed at the time of the conference, you may mail it in later and receive your grade after we receive your log.)

When you complete 45 hours of professional work related to CKA’s PK1 Conference, you qualify for three (3) graduate-level professional development units. Each time you register for graduate-level professional development units with Courses4Teachers you must choose a new course title, as you may not take the same course title more than once.

Select a Course Title from the list below. These titles are available for the Conference Discount.
P EDU 9040: “Safe and Respectful Learning Environments”
P EDU 9069: “Classroom Management Strategies”
P EDU 9049: “Strategies for Differentiated Instruction”
P EDU 9060: “Evaluating and Enhancing Your Science Program”
P EDU 9061: “Evaluating and Enhancing Your Math Program”
P EDU 9066: “Enhancing Your Skills Using Technology”
P EDU 9051: “Focusing on Objectives for Teaching Reading”
P EDU 9055: “Focusing on Objectives for Teaching Writing Skills”
P EDU 9062: “Focusing on Objectives for Teaching Physical Education”
P EDU 9071: “Using Music in Teaching the Standards”

Click here to REGISTER for 3 graduate-level professional development units from Courses4Teachers.
Please read and follow the instructions below the registration form before filling it out to save you some time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What information do I provide my school district should I need prior approval?
Generally districts ask for the name of the university, the course title and course number. They may request beginning and ending dates – which are up to you to determine. Additionally, they may want to know if the university is accredited. University of The Pacific courses are graduate-level professional development courses and the school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

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Can you explain more fully about the graduate-level professional development units you grant?

We offer graduate-level professional development semeter units through the University of The Pacific, located in Stockton, California. States across the U.S. have different terminology to label this type of graduate-level professional development units. It can be referred to as “professional growth,” “professional development,” “post-bachelors credit,” or “graduate continuing education.” Other terms used vary from state-to-state: such as “graduate units,” “graduate semester hours,” or “graduate credits.” Regardless of the terminology, and in light of some confusion with semantics among different states, we want to make it clear that these self-designed courses offer graduate-level professional development units to teachers across the U.S. These credits are graduate-level professional development units designed for salary advancement and to renew credentials. They are not designed to be applied towards attainment of an advanced degrees. You should seek approval of appropriate district or college officials before enrolling in these courses to satisfy any degree, state credential, or local school district requirements.

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Can you give me an example of the documentation format and content that is required?
A simple, brief log, totaling 45 hours, should be in this format:
11/29/12 Note-taking on Literature Ideas lecture 1 hour
Elaboration: In this lecture I got ideas on 2012 new authors.
11/30/2012 Read The Life of Van Gogh 2 hours
Elaboration: I will incorporate facts about his life into me art curriculum.
12/1/2012 Made art project sample 3 hours
Elaboration: Made weaving sample tied in with multicultural studies.

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How to send your registration and documentation?
You may register for this course any time your documentation is complete, but no later than three months after the conference. Your log can include work done prior to, during, or after the conference.

You may send your registration, payment, and log of completed hours to Courses4Teachers by email or by regular mail.

You will receive an email confirmation that your registration has been received. Your work will be reviewed and your grade will be emailed to you within two weeks from our Danville Office.

Within six to eight weeks, you will receive an unofficial transcript from the University of The Pacific Registrar, along with a form to request a formal, embossed, sealed transcript should you wish one.

Register with Courses4Teachers
Instructions to complete and either Email or Mail your registration form are included in the PDF Registration Form. Please read them before filling out the form.

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How do I earn additional graduate-level professional development units for continued professional work?
As educators we understand the time commitment involved in establishing and maintaining a motivating classroom environment. We know it takes an incredible amount of time on your own to design new motivating lesson plans into your classroom curriculum.

We therefore encourage you to register for graduate-level professional development units with Courses4Teachers at for continued work in all subject areas. Every time you complete another set of 45 hours of professional work, you qualify for another three semester units of graduate-level professional development units. Our Self-Designed Courses are available all year long so you may continue to earn graduate-level professional development units for the work you are already doing outside of your normal teaching day.

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