Enhance Your Knowledge, Skills and Classroom Curriculum — and in doing so, Advance on the Salary Scale!

PreK-12 Teachers:

Earn Graduate-Level Professional Development Units for professional work you’ve completed and for work you are doing right now.

Reading Working on District Mandates
Developing Curriculum Researching Ideas on Internet
Incorporating Technology Creating Motivational Lesson Plans
Creating Learning Centers Working on Common Core
Work related to Conferences or Workshops Educational Travel

All this counts and more.

You can earn graduate-level professional development units for what you have done in the past and for what you are doing right now!

The process is simple to follow! Three simple steps:

  1. Register online (click on the link below) or by regular mail.
    Our online site is secure.
  2. Keep a log and samples/notes of the activities you do after school that enhance your knowledge, curriculum, skills or classroom environment.
  3. Schedule an appointment with a Courses4Teachers grader nearest you. We have graders in most school districts so you won’t have to travel far for your “show and tell” appointment. Or if you prefer, mail your coursework to us.

This program is available all year-long.
No need to do more than what you are probably doing already!

Only $93 per semester unit of credit.

Click here to receive a packet that explains how to register and how to document your work.
Start today earning graduate-level professional development units for all the extra time you put into enhancing your curriculum, skills and classroom environment.